Un article entre littérature et pédagogie

Il vient de sortir :

Francesco Pigozzo, Daniela Martinelli, «Médiatisations de l’inconscient et écritures de l’expérience:
six “monographies” de la pédagogie institutionnelle entre analyse littéraire et hypothèses
, InterArtes [online], n.2 “Ibrido” (Laura Brignoli, Silvia Zangrandi eds.),
novembre 2022, pp. 1-24

ABSTRACT. Giving in to a provocation by renowned pedagogist Philippe Meirieu, this article provides theoretical
insights into the epistemological link between Literature and Pedagogy as part of a more general research into
the literary dimension of non-fictional writing traditions flowing from practical experiences. By way of a
literary analysis focusing on the seminal « monographs » that Aïda Vasquez and Fernand Oury published in their
Vers une pédagogie institutionnelle in 1967, the authors provide an operational definition of the original
methodological approach to text interpretation rooted in Francesco Orlando’s literary theory and point to the
role of the Freudian « unconscious » in literary and pedagogical processes.

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