Multiscale EU: 2024 Summer Training scholarship winners

We publish here the list of the first 30 selected scholarship recipients for the 2024 summer edition of the Multiscale EU training initiative for teachers from any EU country (an activity of the Multiscale EU Jean Monnet Teacher Training project co-funded by the EU). Please read here for all details about the Training School editions and the related call for application.

2024 Summer edition scholarship winners, as listed below in alphabetical order (by name and surname), have already been notified by email and had to officially confirm their participation by Monday, 29th January 2024. We are now checking all confirmations received. In the event of vacating scholarships, we will reassign them follwing the applicants’ ranking and we will publish the updated recipients’ list on this website.

Anastasia Sourlantzi

Anastasia Zirziri

Andreas Lolis

Andreia-Maria Demeter

Antonia Nikou

Athanasia Balomenou

Chris Hatziconstantis

Chrysanthi Tziortzioti

Costel Neicu

Daniela Spiru

Daniela Dinculescu

Elena Dougia

Elissavet Kalemou

Helen Michalatou

Kiriaki Dimiza

Kyriaki Iliadou

Maria  Machika

Maria Dalamitrou

Maria Efthymiou

Maria Emmanouilidou

Maria Grammatikopoulou

Maria Madureira

Maria Nomikou

Matina Venetiadou

Nektarios Farasopoulos

Panagiota Kountouritou

Paula Correia

Sofia Christidou

Theodora Toli

Vaia Manoli

Vasso Moschouri 

Policy Brief. Civic education and teacher training: a building site to keep open

We have published here our paper (in Italian) on educational policies regarding Civic Education in the Italian school system, edited by Daniela Martinelli and Francesco Pigozzo. The paper is part of the activities envisaged by the Multiscale EU project and is part of the debate following the experimental implementation phase of Law 92/2019 by which Civic Education became a “subject” of the curriculum of schools of all levels. A public presentation of the policy brief will be organised in Rome.