Jean Monnet Teacher Training project

MultiScale EU addresses the overall need for an effective, motivating and pedagogically transferable EU training aimed at teachers, schools
and VET providers of all ISCED 1-4 levels. A skilled and diverse team of academics, technicians, trained teachers and supporting partners
carefully designed the working plan and allocated resources to implement a comprehensive project strategy to trigger medium and longterm systemic change: targeted interventions and a consistent communication and dissemination strategy will both achieve localised
results and engender positive feedback loops on other beneficiaries.


in the European Education Area

Parallel Working Packages ensure:

  • an intensive experimentation of EU-exploitable solutions in the Italian laboratory: tailor-made learning resources and training
    opportunities differentiated by all school levels, disciplinary learning objectives, general/vocational paths; higher education EU module and
    textbook for under-graduate, graduate, vocational courses eligible for teaching careers; research and policy advocacy promoting a
    “multiscale” vision for teachers’ training in cross-curricular civic education.
  • a direct and relentlessly fostered cross-national dimension: deliverables and learning resources available in 8 languages, targeted local
    training events in 6 EU countries, 3 Trans-national Summer Schools covering all participation costs for 20 EU teachers/year, a helpdesk to
    help less experienced teachers accessing EU opportunities, a Joint Advanced Training Program enhancing European inter-university
  • local adaptations and counselling to school, with a specific focus on EU Green skills and EU citizenship education vertical curriculum
    learning objectives; Massive Open Online Students’ Assemblies and bottom-up EU inspiration for teachers;
  • the EU supranational projection: an international publication, a Policy Brief Launch in Brussels and two trans-national Academic
    Seminars aimed at contributing to the development and debate on the European Education Area