Multiscale EU: first Massive Open Assembly – “Tutti presenti!” with ScuolaZoo

Tomorrow at the Benedetto Varchi High School in Montevarchi (Arezzo), more than 1100 students and teachers will participate in the Assembly organized by ScuolaZoo together with School Representatives and as part of the collaboration with the Jean Monnet Teacher Training project “Multiscale EU.” Guests of the assembly will be Francesco Pigozzo and Daniela Martinelli, who will speak on the contents of the project, dedicated to the development of a critical pedagogy of multiscale European citizenship. Below is the poster containing the topics that will be touched upon in the talk.

International conference “La Francophonie dans toutes ses perspectives”

On March, 20th 2024 a second edition of the international Conference organized by Marilena Genovese, with the support of Francesco Pigozzo and our Research Centre and the “Excellence in Linguistic Training” Centre at eCampus University, took place online. Below you can find the conference schedule and its whole video recording (each participant approved its publication by written message sent to Dr. Genovese).